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Gas line installation Kansas City
August 20, 2016 – 04:32 pm

Gas line kansas cityMost people don’t know exactly who to call when they need a gas line installed for a new appliance. Not all licensed plumbers are certified to install or service gas lines. KC Plumber Pro holds a license for both plumbing and gas installations.

Requirements for adding a Gas line

Before you can add a gas line to your home you first must determine if your house can support the demand of the additional appliance. There are three variables that you must consider when determining gas demand and production. The incoming pressure of the gas is the first thing to consider. Most of the gas companies in Kansas City will set the pressure at .5 psi coming into the house. A manometer can be used to calculate the incoming pressure, a tool that is recommended when installing tankless water heaters.

The second variable that you must determine when adding a gas line is the current demand of all your gas appliances like your water heater, furnace, and sometimes fireplace or range. The third step is to measure the length from the meter to the furthest point of the house. The total BTU’s in the house and the length of the gas line will help you determine if the incoming line is sized properly.

Choosing Materials for Installing a new Gas line

It is also important to understand the different options for the materials that are used in gas piping. Many plumbers will recommend using black iron pipe instead of flexible gas lines. This is a proven method that has been trusted for years. The biggest advantage to black steel is that is cannot be penetrated by any drywall screws or trim nails.

The second option for installing gas pipe is csst, or Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing has been introduced only in recent years. The line is flexible and easily identifiable by a yellow or black jacket that surrounds the line. It has become popular due to the increased production and lower cost of installation. The problem with this material is that the wall of the steel is just not thick enough to provide protection from being a major fire risk. The main concern involves electrical arcing from lighting strikes.

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