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How to Buy a Stacked Washer/Dryer
November 12, 2014 – 05:47 pm

How to Buy a Stacked Washer/DryerA well-lived life is messy, and everything has to get clean again, somehow. Going to the laundromat just does not fit into many people’s lifestyle, but finding the room for a set of laundry machines can seem impossible in an apartment or home that seems to already have every room occupied. After all, a set does take up a whole small room, in most cases.

A stackable washer and dryer unit, on the other hand, can fit into a closet or the corner of a room, and just seems to make sense in some instances. Even in a large laundry room, more floor space is often desirable, and stacking the machines makes room for the ironing board, laundry sorter, or a table for folding.

The stacked laundry machines come in a couple of versions, one of which may be more appropriate for a family. Efficiency is another thing to take into consideration, as the units vary in capacity, cleaning power, and energy usage. Knowing what to expect before making the purchase makes the whole process smoother.

Which Style is Right for the Space?

There are two different options when it comes to stackable washer and dryers. Some full-sized, individual machines can be purchased as stacked models. These machines do not have to be stacked, and are not attached when purchased, but if purchased as a pair, they come with the hardware and instructions for stacking. This option provides the widest selection of sizes and options, but the units may be too large for some spaces. Also, the dryer controls are located at the top of the unit, so smaller people may not be able to reach them.

Other units are manufactured together, and can only be moved and installed in their stacked state. These are often called laundry centers. These units are generally smaller and specifically made to fit into average-sized closets; the full-sized stacked versions may not.

Connected units are often less expensive than the full-sized stackable ones. Unfortunately, they also generally have far fewer features and a diminished load capacity. Depending on family size, these machines might require running more loads. And, because they often have reduced cleaning power, the laundry may not get as clean as desired.

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