Kenmore Gas Dryer Not heating

How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore Elite Gas Dryer That Won
January 18, 2023 – 10:28 am

A gas dryer needs gas, electricity and air circulation to operate.A gas dryer needs gas, electricity and air circulation to operate.

The Kenmore Elite gas dryer comes with a sophisticated electronic cycle control that you can modify in several ways according to your drying needs. At its core, however, its operation is similar to that of other gas dryers, and barring control panel malfunctions, it can fail to produce heat for the same reasons. Some of these are easy to troubleshoot, but you may need the help of an ohmmeter to diagnose others.

Preliminary Checklist

The first thing you should do when a gas dryer fails to heat is make sure the gas valve is on. Once you've verified that, check the meter on the supply tank, if yours is a propane model. It's also worth your while to turn off the gas valve, disconnect the gas hose and turn the valve on momentarily to make sure gas is flowing, because the pipe might have an obstruction. You could also be overloading the dryer; try removing some of the load and restarting it.

"Check Vent" Indicator Flashing

The Kenmore Elite dryer has a sensor that detects poor exhaust venting, and when it does, a light flashes on the control panel. This warning light does not include a mechanism to stop gas flow, but if it is allowed to flash for an extended period, poor venting may cause the dryer to overheat. As a result, a fuse might blow and disable the gas valve or ignitor. You can prevent this by diagnosing the reason for the flashing indicator light as soon as possible. In many cases, lint has built up somewhere in the exhaust pipes.

Checking the Ignitor and Solenoid

To check the operation of the gas ignition and burning system, you have to open the bottom front panel. Work a putty knife between the top of the panel and the dryer casing and press on the two clips located there. The panel door will swing open on its bottom hinges. Start the dryer and watch the heating chamber. If the ignitor glows but no gas flows, the gas valve solenoids may be bad. If the ignitor doesn't glow, on the other hand, it may be bad, or a fuse may be blown.

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Popular Q&A
kenmore elite gas dryer wont get hot after changing ignitor? | Yahoo Answers

need more information, could be the flame sensor, was the ignitor bad or just tried it to see if that would fix it

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