Used Gas Dryers

How to Buy a Used Dryer
March 5, 2023 – 02:10 pm

dryersWe don’t throw cars away because they need new windshield wipers or an oil change. Yet when it’s time for routine maintenance on an electric dryer, most people throw their hands up and purchase a new one. Somehow the electric dryer has become disposable, much like a toaster. Not all dryers are created equal however, and some deserve a chance at a second life

For a long time I used to recommend people to always get their appliances on Craigslist for as cheap as possible. But over these past years, and buying thousands of low priced appliances to refurbish and then resell, I’ve learned things that have caused me to change my recommendation for people. Here are a few things I’ve learned and where I recommend you buy your next used appliance from.

1. There is something wrong with over 50% of the appliances you will buy from regular people on Craigslist. Some of the time the problem will not be known, as many owners don’t easily recognize when their machines need maintenance. Other times people will be deceptive, and focus on the fact that technically the appliance still works, while failing to mention quirks that they know exist, and that often issues that need to be addressed.dryercords My conclusion is that you cannot just take the word of regular appliance owners on the true condition of their appliance.

2. Almost every used dryer that I ever purchased on Craigslist had never been cleaned before, ever. This is not good as dryers need to be cleaned and serviced to make sure that there is not lint build up inside the dryer which becomes a fire hazard. Most people are not aware of the importance of yearly, or even bi-yearly maintenance or their dryer, which includes inspection of parts and a thorough cleaning.

So, for most people, I now recommend buying from a used appliance reseller. The prices you will pay are slightly higher that buying from a private party, but you are paying for a machine that has been inspected, cleaned, often painted and which includes a warranty backing up the machine. The extra value you get, the the time you will save buying from an appliance business is most definitely worth it.

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