Gas Fireplace Installation Cost

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January 2, 2023 – 05:03 am

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Gas FireplaceA gas fireplace is a convenient, safe alternative to a traditional wood-burning fireplace, and one can be installed in just about any home with a lot less difficulty than building a new masonry chimney and firebox. Whether you would like to install a gas fireplace to supplement the central heat in your home, to take the edge off on a chilly day, or just to add ambiance to a room, it can be a valuable and an enjoyable upgrade for your home.

How Will a Pro Price the Job?

There is a wide variety of installation and equipment options and requirements for a new gas fireplace, so your installer will need to look at the big picture and price the job as a whole. The condition of your installation site, the type of fireplace you choose, and the availability of the gas supply are important details needed to estimate the time and materials needed for the job.

What is the Nature of the Installation?

The difficulty of the job is a big indicator of potential costs for a fireplace installation or conversion. If you would like to convert an existing wood fireplace to gas with an insert, the project is often simpler than if you install a complete fireplace unit in a new location.cost to install gas fireplace This isn’t always the case though, since a freestanding vent-free gas fireplace can often be easier to set up than a conversion. The type of fireplace you choose and its location, power, fuel, and ventilation requirements all play a part. In order to get an idea of the scope of the job, a pro will need to know the details of the new fireplace and take a look at the site to see how much work is involved.

What Materials Are Required?

In addition to the fireplace or insert, your pro will need to supply the materials required to connect the fireplace to the gas supply, as well as to vent it to the outdoors as required by the manufacturer and local codes, and to build a custom surround if needed. The supplies could include gas pipe and valves, flexible ducting, a vent, a chimney system, framing lumber, drywall, and trim materials.

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  • Every fireplace is unique, so Chimney Balloons are available in 100 sizes! For more sizes call 608-467-0229
  • The US Department of Energy says 14% air infiltration enters the home through the fireplace.
Sure Heat Sure Heat VFBC36B Surefire Vent-Free Firebox with Screen, 36", Black
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  • 99.9% Energy efficiency. Saves on high energy costs while delivering maximum heat output
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