Gas powered Lawn Edgers

Gas Powered Edgers
November 12, 2023 – 08:05 am

Professional EdgersWhen nature decides to blend planting beds and lawn, set it straight with a professional edger from STIHL. Professional landscapers choose STIHL because they know our edgers deliver power, durability and no-nonsense ease of use. Not only are they well balanced and easy to use, they’re also easy to maintain, featuring replaceable blades and skid plates. That may seem like a lot of easy, but you have enough difficulties in your day. It’s time for a little easy.

STIHL lawn edgers for professionals are powered by efficient, low-emission engines. They also feature adjustable depth wheels, so you can dial in the exact type of edge you want. And each edger features a mud flap style deflector to help protect you from debris. Bottom line, whether you’re keeping grass under control or cutting new grooves and channels, our edgers help you deliver that professional touch every time.

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McLane 4G-7-P 9-Inch 4HP Honda Gas Powered Lawn Edger
McLane 4G-7-P 9-Inch 4HP Honda Gas Powered Lawn Edger
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Popular Q&A
How to Use a Gas-Powered Lawn Edger

Keeping a well-manicured lawn will keep you busy during the growing season. One of the necessary lawn maintenance tasks is lawn edging. As dirt, dust and other organic materials settle along the edges of sidewalks and driveways, grass soon spreads from the lawn over this organic matter. This process continues from year to year and if you don't remove the grass and organic matter, you will find that your sidewalk or driveway is several inches narrower after only a few years. Edgers make this job quick and easy. For long stretches of sidewalk or driveway, a gas-powered edger is recommende…

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