Gas powered Winch

Portable Winch Gas-Powered Capstan Winch — 2.1 HP, 50cc
September 1, 2014 – 08:13 am

Rated 4.8 out of 5 by 5 reviewers.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 6zero5TetheredAviation Pushed hard in a unique way. I fly big kites as a hobby. Very big kites. I bought and use the Portable Winch Gas-Powered Capstan Winch Model# PCW-5000 to become part of the rigging on my largest ParaForm kite. It is capable of pulling up to 3500 pounds. Usually the kite is brought down by a trip line configuration, but there are times that space does not allow that, and there are also times that I need to just lower the kite's altitude without doing a full take down. I use the winch for slow and controlled recovery. It performs with absolute perfection. August 21, 2015

Rated 5 out of 5 by Andy920 Amazing I've been using this winch to pull full length cedar trees up to 24 in. in dia. through the brush and up a hill with a single line. More dense wood, like the 24"x11' elm logs I've also been pulling, has required a double line. I still can't believe how the brush just gets mowed over. I've also used the winch to pull a stuck pickup truck up a snow covered hill. All I currently have is the winch, rope and one snatch block. This works fine but I can see the benefits of a more stationary mounting system. If the load if very heavy you will need to pull quite hard to keep the winch level. I've been placing an 8" block under the winch to help minimize this effect. An excellent tool! February 12, 2015

Rated 5 out of 5 by grayrider Great Winch Never mind the money. Think about money saved on damages to other equipment (think truck). Think about time and money spent at the hospital cause you didn't have the right stuff to do this safely. The decision was a no brainer. Had broken trees to cleanup after a storm. Pulled top half of an oak tree 25 yards to the road without any trimming. Easy to work this way. Bottom part for woodstove and top part for the chipper. I climbed into the woods ONCE to hook up the tree. Everything else happened in the clear, where it's easy to work. Next project will be winching logs for firewood across a creek, out of the ravine and onto my trailer. Easy. If you don't the right tool for the job.well, stay on the porch!!! October 20, 2013

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Hitch mounted gas powered winch
Hitch mounted gas powered winch Portable Gas-Powered Winch
Automotive Parts and Accessories (
  • Portable Winch (PCW-5) comes with 2 hooks and 1 polyester anchor sling that measures 6 (1.83m)
  • Includes Honda 4-stroke, GHX50 cc gas engine
  • Line speed: 25 to 40 per minute
  • Direct line pull is 2200 lbs. (1 kg)
  • Dimensions: 13 x 14 x 15 ; Weighs 35 lbs.
Warn WARN 885005 PullzAll 24V Cordless Electric Pulling Tool
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Warn)
  • Lifts or pulls up to 1, pounds
  • Cordless 24 volt version is great for use in the field
  • Includes two battery packs with charger
  • LED load indicator
  • Takes you to remote locations and brings the mechanical muscle
Portable Winch Portable Winch Gas-Powered Capstan Winch - 2.1 HP, 50cc Honda GHX-50 Engine, 1-Ton Capacity, Model# PCW-5000
BISS (Portable Winch)
  • PCW-5 Portable Capstan Gas Powered Winch
  • Use for forestry, rescue, farming applications, and more
  • Pulls 2200 lbs. on a single line
  • Tether the winch to a solid object (tree, vehicle ball hitch, post, rock)
  • Powered by a Honda GXH50 gas engine
Portable Winch Portable Gas-Powered Capstan Winch - 35cc Honda Engine, 1,550-Lb. Line Pull, Model# PCW3000
BISS (Portable Winch)
  • Powered by a reliable 1.34 HP Honda GX-35 full 360deg all-position 4-stroke engine
  • 35cc engine displacement
  • Fast 200:1 gear ratio
  • 26-ft./minute line speed
  • Powerful 1,550-lb. line pull (3,-lb. pull with use of snatch block)
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