Natural Gas powered Generators

January 19, 2023 – 10:12 am

Economical. Reliable. Sustainable.

MTU Onsite Energy's natural gas generator sets are cutting-edge technology that offer combined heat and power (CHP), and combined heat, power and cooling (CHPC) solutions to generate power. Our products combine the highest performance with the lowest emissions in the 120 kW - 2.500 kW electrical power range.

Therefore, our natural gas powered CHP systems represent the ideal solution for multiple applications:

  • Public buildings and residential utilities
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Mission critical applications

Minimum space. Maximum efficiency.

Features of our Series 400:

  • Continuous development and optimization for more than 35 years
  • Meeting common industrial quality standards
  • Highest overall efficiency in its power range (up to 91.9%)
  • Sophisticated compact design
  • Factory tested with comprehensive performance evaluation
  • Cylinder-selective knock control

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