Gas Furnace prices

What Does a New Furnace Cost?
January 13, 2023 – 05:50 am

If you’ve been looking around for a complete set of furnace prices based on brands you’ve come to the right place. You might be wondering which brand is affordable but has the highest quality. Or maybe what do gas furnaces cost with installation included?

First things first — Figure Out What Kind of Fuel Works Best For You.

When you see how much more efficient gas furnaces are compared to oil furnaces, it’s easy to see why gas is such a popular option. However, all of that energy efficiency comes at a price! The average gas furnace with a 90% AFUE (that’s the rating that determines just how energy-efficient your furnace is) will cost you about $2, 500 (and, of course, that doesn’t include installation costs.

Count on spending about $2, 000 to have your new furnace installed). If you opt for a multi-stage gas furnace, you’ll get even more energy efficiency, but you’ll also wind up spending hundreds of dollars more on it!

furnace prices Compare that to the average oil furnace — which will cost you about $2, 000. Sure, that’s a big difference, but you’ll also get a lower AFUE.

Electric furnaces are also an option, but they’re the most expensive option. On the bright side, though, they’ll also last the longest. On average, you can count on an electric furnace lasting about 20 or 30 years — as opposed to the 15 or so years you’ll get out of your gas or oil furnace.

Once You’ve Decided On a Fuel, Figure Out Which AFUE Is Right For You.

Going from an 80% AFUE furnace to one with a 90% AFUE will cost you a few extra hundred dollars, but you might be able to cut as much as 20% off your energy bills with it! So, the question is — are you willing to pay slightly higher furnace prices now in order to get lower energy costs later?

How Much Does It Cost To Get The Best AFUE?

You can’t do much better than Carrier’s Infinity Series. In fact, the Infinity 96 gets its name from its 96% AFUE! If you want an 80, 000 BTU Infinity 96 (which would be strong enough to heat a 2, 000 square foot home in the Midwest), you’ll be lucky to pay $2, 700 for it.

Need Something That Isn’t As Much of a Budget-Buster?

The Trane XL80 is one of the cheapest brand name furnaces out there. It comes with an 80% AFUE, and it will cost you about $1, 500.

Want Something In Between?

Luckily, all of the big names — like Trane, Carrier, Rheem, American Standard, Bryant, and Lennox — offer Energy Star models. That means you’ll get an AFUE of at least 85%, so you’ll be able to compare a variety of furnace costs without sacrificing much in the way of efficiency.

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