Gas water heater Installation

Install a Gas Water Heater
January 9, 2024 – 06:46 am

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Install a new gas water heater in your home and save energy and money. When installing your water heater, make sure to follow model-specific information, warnings, safety notices and local codes. These instructions aren't intended for mobile home units. Consult a professional if in doubt.


You’ll need common plumbing tools and pipe joint compound approved for fuel gas. You’ll also need leak detection solution, or you can use children’s soap bubbles or hand-dishwashing soap mixed with water. Most codes require the water heater to be installed in a metal drain pan. See the installation instructions for information about sizing the drain pan and other installation details.

Drain your water heaterIf your house has copper pipes, consider an installation kit with compression fittings that don’t require soldering. If your pipes are plastic, you’ll need connectors / fittings for the specific type of plastic pipes used in your home. Read the installation instructions for the new connectors before cutting the existing water pipes.

Turn the main gas supply valve off. Also, turn the gas control knob on the old water heater off. Open a hot-water faucet, and let the hot water run until cool. Allow the old water heater and vent pipe to cool.

Check for LeaksDrain Your Water Heater

Connect a garden hose to the drain valve. Place the other end of the hose in a drain or outside (you could also use buckets). Shut off the cold-water supply to the water heater, and open a hot-water faucet and the drain valve. While the water heater is draining, read the installation instructions that came with your water heater.

Disconnect the vent pipe from the draft hood. Inspect the old vent pipes for corrosion, obstructions, leaks or other damage, and repair or replace if necessary. Gas water heaters must have free access to adequate combustion air and must be properly vented. The installation instructions explain these requirements, and they must be followed for safe operation.

Disconnect the gas line at the union (you’ll need two wrenches for that). Remove the gas pipe from the old water heater—you may be able to reuse it. Save the union, too. Next, remove the water lines and the old water heater. Install the new water heater (in a metal drain pan).

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