Install gas water Heaters

Installing a Gas Water Heater
December 6, 2015 – 04:45 am
Step 1: Drain the Tank

Step 1

Drain the Tank

1. Turn off the water and gas supply.
2. Attach a garden hose to the drain valve and empty the tank.
3. Turn on a hot water faucet to allow air into the system.

Step 2

Disconnect the Gas Line and Water Lines

1. Disconnect the gas line using two pipe wrenches - disconnect the gas line at the
union fitting if the pipe is galvanized or at the flare fitting if the gas supply line is
2. Using two adjustable wrenches or pipe wrenches, disconnect the water lines
above the tank. If the piping has been soldered into place, use a hacksaw or
tubing cutter to cut the pipe. Make sure the cuts are straight.

Step 3

Detach the Gas Exhaust from the Flue Hat

1. Remove the screws connecting the vent to the water heater using a screwdriver
or nut driver.
2. Remove the old water heater – you may require help for this because older water

Step 2: Disconnect the gas line and water lines Step 3: Detach the gas exhaust from the flue hat Step 4: Set the new water heater in place Step 5: Install the Heat Trap Fittings
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Utilitech Utilitech Gas Water Heater Install Kit
Home Improvement (Utilitech)
  • Complete kit containing all the parts needed to quickly and easily connect a water heater to 3/4 wa
  • Includes 2 stainless-steel flexible water connectors, 2 PEX lined nipples, thread tape, flexible ga
  • Flexible gas connector is 12 long and includes male and female gas fittings for connecting gas sup
  • Highly flexible stainless-steel water lines are 12 long, and have insulated 3/4 FIP nuts on both e
  • Solid brass 3/4 x 3/4 MPT compression fittings provide water tight connection to 3/4 copper pipe
BrassCraft Mfg BrassCraft PSC1098 L ProCoat Gas and Water Install Kit for Water Heaters
Home Improvement (BrassCraft Mfg)
  • Includes 1/2 In. OD x 18 In. corrugated stainless steel gas connector w/ ProCoat coating to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh household chemicals
  • Includes multiple steel gas fittings to fit most gas appliance inlets - (1) 1/2 In. MIP (with 3/8 In. FIP Tap) fitting, and (1) 1/2 In. FIP fitting
  • Includes (2) 3/4 In. MIP x 3/4 In. FIP x 15 In. length braided water heater connectors; connects directly to water heater.
  • 3/4 In. Nom. Compression water connector adapters included for copper piping systems
  • Approved for indoor and outdoor use; Temperature rating: -32 Degree to 150 Degree F. CSA certified
Popular Q&A
How do you install gas water heater?

By connecting a pipe to the heater a pipe way from the heater a power source and flue pipe if it is non electric and a gas line may be helpful.
For step-by-step instructions, copy following link:

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