Gas Oil mix chart

ISO-NE updates real-time fuel mix chart on, ISO to Go, with enhanced market offer data
December 26, 2022 – 11:19 am

Posted Image 1999 rm 125 fouling plugs, Jetting or the mix? - Suzuki 2-Stroke

As an added benefit, the inclusion of blended offers provides better insight into the fuels dual-fuel units are using and thus more accurate representation of the amounts of electricity generated by each type of fuel in New England. This June, the ISO updated its web service that provides the data for ts real-time fuel mix chart (available on the homepage, in ISO Express, and in the ISO to Go mobile app), its Daily Generation by Fuel Type report, and other market reports to reflect this enhanced data, concurrent with the December 2014 market change.

Most of the time, dual-fuel units do not submit blended offers; they generally use their least expensive fuel (usually natural gas in gas/oil units). Blended offers are most likely to occur when market or operating conditions warrant the fuel switch. For example, during tight winter conditions, a natural-gas-fired plant may switch to oil if it has insufficient gas supply or if the price of gas becomes higher than oil. The enhanced data would be reflective in the real-time fuel mix chart during these times.

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Popular Q&A
What is the Oil to gas ratio chart?

2 cycle need to have oil mixed in the fuel to lubricate the engine. divide 128 by the mix ratio and that will give you the amount of oil to mix in one gallon of gas

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