Long Beach Gas and Oil

City Appoints Interim Director of Long Beach Gas and Oil
January 18, 2023 – 12:25 pm

Edward FarrellThe City of Long Beach has appointed CSULB alumnus and Gas Services Bureau Manager Edward Farrell as its interim director of Long Beach Gas and Oil (LBGO), while the city embarks on a nationwide search for a new LBGO director.

According to a release issued by the city this afternoon, Farrell’s appointment is effective today and comes as the former LBGO director Chris Garner begins the first day of his new position as general manager of the Long Beach Water Department.

“Edward has proven himself as a leader who excels at operations and customer service, ” said City Manager Pat West in a statement. “I am confident that Long Beach Gas and Oil will be in very capable hands and continue to provide excellent services throughout the community until a new Director is selected.”

In his position as manager of the Gas Services Bureau, Farrell is in charge of gas field customer service work and emergency leak response, a 24-hour dispatch office and monitoring gas quality and gas pressure throughout the distribution system. In his 18 years with the LBGO, Farrell has supervised every work group in the Gas Services Bureau, including his previous position as Superintendent of Operations.

“I am honored to be named Interim Director, and look forward to serving the City of Long Beach in this capacity until a Director is named, ” Farrell said in a statement.

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